SAMBA, the preferred supplier of footballs and football accessories

SAMBA is the preferred supplier of footballs and football accessories for many amateur and professional football clubs in The Netherlands, but also Belgium, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

SAMBA supplies footballs for all different versions of the game; from professional footballs for natural land artificial grass to footballs for beach soccer and even street soccer. To play the game of football a football is simply not enough. Besides top quality footballs SAMBA also supplies excellent football accessories for use on and around the pitch for match and training purposes..

SAMBA offers top quality products at competitive prices

SAMBA complies with the FIFA quality regulations mainly through strict demands on durability of our materials and product design. Every football in our product range comes with a FIFA quality mark or is produced according to FIFA quality standards. Affordable pricing has been made possible by in-house development, production and sales and where possible eliminating costly wholesale, distribution and resellers from the supply chain.

SAMBA feels strongly about her products, her customer and football as a sport. That is the reason for SAMBA to organise and sponsor (youth) football tournaments, football clinics  and beach soccer events on a regular basis.

SAMBA brings swing to soccer!